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May 19, 2010

Weekly Featured Database: Irish Famine Migration to New Brunswick, 1845-1852

Announcing a new website that is chock full of incredible Irish records. This is my Featured Weekly Database for this week.

In the Wake of Dark Passage: Irish Famine Migration to New Brunswick, 1845-1852

Don't be misled by the title! There are records here that pertain to other geographic locations.

The website includes the following searchable records. I have just spent an enjoyable half hour searching the Passenger Lists and Almshouse Records. I was amazed to find that in the ships passenger lists, each individual entry is linked to the actual images of the original manifest.

When I glanced at the Immigrant Letters database I was struck by the geographic locations - many in the USA as well as of course Ireland and New Brunswick.

* Saint John Almshouse Records
* Brenan Funeral Home Records: Traces of Ireland
* Fitzwilliam Estate Emigration Books 1847-1856
* RS555 Provincial Secretary: Immigration Administration Records
* Immigrant Letters
* Newspapers
* Passenger Lists
* Teachers Petition Database
* Irish Immigrants in the New Brunswick Census of 1851 and 1861

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