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December 1, 2010

Descendant Found for MIA Illinois Soldier

Readers may recall that in May I posted a request for help in finding a descendant of an Illinois soldier who went MIA and was later found to have been killed during the Vietnam War.

The soldier's name was Charles Peter Claxton and Debbie had a copper bracelet with his name engraved. She wanted to send the bracelet to a descendant.

Readers jumped in to find Charles. Within a few days we had quite a bit of information (see the comments on the original post) but no contact with a descendant. Well, I'm pleased to say that yesterday his daughter Kimberly wrote to me!

Here is her email:

Hello, my name is Kimberly (Claxton) Samuelson and this is my father. My mom, sister and brothers are all currently living in Michigan. My dad was originally from Illinois and was career Air Force. Thank you all so much for caring about my dad and family.
Now I can put Kimberly in touch with Debbie and the bracelet can be given to Charles' daughter. Hopefully it will bring some joy to the Claxton family.

We've had great success with our Lost and Found requests thanks to the generous help of Olive Tree Genealogy blog readers. But we still have a few missing. Please take a moment to read the stories and perhaps have a look to see if you can help bring a Lost and Found item back to a soldier's family.

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