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December 20, 2010

To Scramble or Not To Scramble, That is the Question!

Today is the last day for voting for the Family Tree Magazine Top 40 blogs.  Many bloggers are scrambling to get their readers to Vote for them today.

I've noticed that Olive Tree Genealogy is always nominated but never gets to the finals. Hey maybe it's because my blog isn't worthy but I wonder if it's because I don't scramble, I don't plead for votes (pleading my case makes me feel like I'm on Survivor and in the Final 3!) and I don't publicize the contests other than when they first come out.

I would sound like a sore loser if I waited until after the votes are in  to make another observation (especially if my blog isn't in the top 40) , so I'm making a comment now. I kind of think it's more of a popularity contest in many ways. Not in the sense of the BLOG being popular, but the person behind the blog. So if you're in the "in" group you have all the in-group voting for each other. Hmm... hope that doesn't sound like sour grapes, it's just an observation.

But yes, I'd like to be in the final Top 40. So it's a Catch-22 situation! Should I scramble for votes or sit back and hope Olive Tree Genealogy is good enough and interesting enough to be voted for. On Survivor the person who doesn't scramble gets voted off the island!

So here I am, asking you (aka scrambling) to vote for Olive Tree Genealogy blog  in the Everything Section of Family Tree Magazine Top 40 blogs.

It bothers me to ask. I'd rather you just went and voted for whatever blogs you like, and that you did it because you want to AND because you truly find the blog you are voting for useful and interesting! Anyway, please do vote - for your favourite blogs even if mine isn't one of them. I promise I won't throw a tantrum if I don't win a spot.


Barbara Poole said...

I had no idea, and will be spending time today voting for only your site, I'll check off 10 votes for you. Not because you are asking, but because your site, above all others, deserves the award.

Carol said...

No scramblin here either, puts me way outta my comfort zone.

I keep saying, I write for ME.

I did vote a few times, and, ohhh, I voted for YOU!

Good luck.

Miriam said...

Oh, Lorine, you've captured my thoughts exactly! I will, however, promote the genie society blog I help write, because there are two other bloggers who work with me, and they both do a fabulous job. But my own? Well, let the chips fall where they may.

pugbug said...

It does feel good to be nominated, but you make a good point about popularity. Suddenly I'm back in Junior High School, running for some sort of office. Only this time there can be no tears because my mother isn't here to wipe them away when it turns out that I am not popular enough.

Anne said...

This is my first time being nominated. I am there once, in one category, but I notice that others appear twice, in different categories. I voted for your blog, which I think is one of the most valuable ones of all! Good luck this time.

Mary said...

I just voted for YOU....getting nominated and not voted for is good. I've never been nominated.

Deborah Large Fox said...

I had assumed you were always in the top 40 already, so regardless of the voting, please keep up the great blog. This is my first nomination myself, and I am uncomfortable about scrambling for votes, so your blog post today was very comforting to me. Thanks!

Greta Koehl said...

I voted for you, too. Anyway, it's better to be a "Singin' in the Rain" than a "Greatest Show on Earth."

Susan Petersen said...
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Cheryl Palmer said...

I voted many times for you! And, I did it before I even saw this post! As you can tell, I am rather far behind!