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February 7, 2011

Arrived at Salt Lake City for RootsTech!

Well, I'm here! I just checked in at my hotel in Salt Lake City. My journey began on Sunday at noon when I left for "The City" and an overnight stay at a Hotel near the Airport. 4:30 am came mighty early! But I was up and ready to go by 5:15 (not bad).

Customs was easy as pie at the Airport. I was expecting a hassle or nightmare or both but the airport personnel were helpful and pleasant. It was a very small plane for the first leg of our journey to Denver Colorado. And we were in the very last row of seats right by the washrooms. Not pleasant. But on the bright side, I didn't have far to walk and so didn't have to use my cane from my seat to the washrooms. Yay!

Wheelchairs were there and waiting at each step of the journey so that was a nice bonus. Then came the last leg, from Denver to Salt Lake City. A bigger plane, more comfortable seats but a few annoyances. You know the kind you get when travelling anywhere - a guy in the seat behind me kicking and pushing on my seat the entire flight. Guy two seats away (same row) using his iPad as a torture device by flashing the sun in my eyes the entire flight. Guy beside me playing his iPod so loudly that even with his earbuds I could hear every word. And worst of all, a baby that messed its diaper and wasn't changed... But onward and upward, grin and bear it, we arrived safe and sound about 2:30 local time.

Took the Express Shuttle (only $8.00 per person) to our hotel and checked in with no problems. Just before we went to our room I grabbed a Cappuccino at the coffee shop in our hotel lobby. Oh boy was it ever good!

Interestingly enough when we finally got into our room with our luggage and coffees in hand, it was exactly 12 hours since we got up this morning. It's a journey but one I'm so excited to be on!

Discovered I left some clothing at home that I wanted, so tomorrow will go shopping for half a day and hit the Family History Library the other half. Tonight I hope to meet up with Joan Miller, another RootsTech Official Blogger, and perhaps one or two other early arrivals.

You can follow my Tweets on Twitter at @LorineMS and Joan's Tweets at @Luxegen. We'll be tweeting non-stop about RootsTech (starting this Thursday) and I'll be Tweeting about my adventures in the days leading up to RootsTech.

But now I'm going to lie down and have a short nap! It's been a long two days.


Audrey Collins said...

Glad you got there in one piece! Enjoy your rest (and the shopping. I leave for the airport in about 8 hours.

Geniaus said...

Hope you've sussed out the shops for me. We Australians love to shop in the States. I have an smaller empty suitcse inside my suitcase.
Pleased to hear positive comments about the hotel - I think we are the same one. See you Wednesday at dinner