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March 23, 2011

Success! WW2 Lost Dog Tags Being Returned to American Soldier

Alex in Germany had a WW2 American soldier's dog tags that he wanted to return and I posted the details and a scan of the tag yesterday. I asked for help from our readers and wow, what a great team!

Thanks to Lisa, Sam, Cheri, Tara and Kathy for working so hard to find Donald's descendants. Not everything they found was posted here as much of it referred to individuals who were probably still living. But they found Donald and his wife, both alive and well! Sam phoned Donald and spoke to him then put him in touch with Alex.

I've spoken to Donald's daughter and grandson and they tell me that Donald is very excited to know that his dog tags have been found and are being returned to him. His daughter told me that her dad  is 86 and retired from Hughes Aircraft, Army radar corps.

What a great happy ending! I've asked for details on how, where and when the dog tags were lost and hope to have more information within the next few days

Here are the cases my wonderful readers have worked on (and in several cases - FOUND A DESCENDANT!)

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1 comment:

Cindy said...

Another fantastic reunion! I've not been by in a while and I'm glad to find that the work continues. It's a great service you're doing! Thank you.