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July 29, 2011

No Biggie But a Couple of Google+ Tips For You

Playing in the Google+ playground is fun. I've been to a lot of Hangouts, have set up a couple myself and am making lots of new genealogy friends!

It's an adventure and it's new so there's lots to discover. I thought I'd tell you about a couple of neat things I found out you can do on Google+  Now maybe everyone but me already knew this but in case you didn't...

1. You can share a URL or a note with one person. Let me give you an example. My husband hates IM. He refuses to set it up, won't use Gmail chat or Facebook chat or AOL Buddy. So I have no quick way to send him a link to an article he might find interesting or useful. Of course I could email him but he only picks up his mail once or twice a day (can you imagine???!!! Mine is open whenever my computer is turned on)

But he is on Google+. So today I had a link for a story he might want to read. I went to my Stream (Home page) in Google+  and put the link into my SHARE box. I then chose ONLY his name to share with and hit SEND. He got it in two places - his email and his Google+ Stream. It was almost instantaneous. He liked it in Google+ because it also showed him a photo, a bit of text and the link to the article.

No one but him will see this link because I also disabled the ability for it to be reshared or commented on.

Joan's Default PopUp Profile Box
2. Want a longer description that displays when folks hold their cursor over your Profile Photo box in Google+? The default is a few words that you entered on your Profile page. I'm using my friend Joan Miller of Luxegen Genealogy's Profile page and popup as an example of the default.
Well here's my tip for you - go to the About part of your Profile.

Choose "Edit Profile" In the "employment" area, write up a brief bio and put it in the spot for your employment. Click the "current" box and Save it.

Now when someone hovers their cursor over your name and photo, your bio will display.

Lorine's Extended Profile Box PopUp
Here's what my popup looks like now. I like that people who find me on Google+ can now see at a glance what I'm all about. If they want to they can continue on to my Profile page to learn more.

1 comment:

Marian said...

Great tips! I didn't know that one about the bio. I'm going to have to reconsider mine now.