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December 9, 2011

Case #11: A Canadian WW1 Soldier's Dog Tags Need to Go Home!

John Thomas Drybrough Dog Tag
Ray wrote to Olive Tree Genealogy blog with a question - could I help him find family of a Canadian WW1 soldier whose dog tags were found in France.

 Here is Ray's email:

I received an e-mail from someone in France that had found a WW1 dog tag for a Canadian soldier, he contacted me because I am a distant cousin of the soldier and he wondered if I knew of any living descendants.

His name was John Thomas Drybrough, born in Edinburgh, died in New Westminster B.C in 1971
He married Florence Partington in Victoria BC  1922, Florence died in Nanaimo 1988

John Thomas Drybrough Dog Tag
John served in the first World War in the Field Ambulance Corp, the ID tag was found in France. I’ve attached photos of both sides of the tag.

John and Florence had a daughter Jean, no further information. She married Ted Hanson and they had a daughter Jean Sandra. That’s all I can find out about them.

John also had a sister Elizabeth that married Joseph Walter Sanford, somehow they ended up living in San Francisco where they raised a family.
And that’s about all I know, I would really like to get this tag back to John’s descendants


Dog tags said...

I like the idea of "If I am out, I am lost". But has a sad impression at last. Good post.

Ray said...

A little more information on J.T.
He emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1912 and settled in Victoria B.C.
After the war he was employed as branch manager at Mc Mc & Prior in Burnaby.

Becky said...

Joseph Walter SANFORD and Elizabeth A. DRYBROUGH

I sent an email to the website admin. See what happens from there.

Gary said...

born June 20, 1897 in Leith SCotland to Peter and Mary (Jeffery) Drybrough. He had one sister, Elizabeth. Emigrated to Canada in 1912. Was living at 1416 Taunton St. Victoria BC at the time he signed up - Nov 24 1915 - originally into the Gordon Highlanders. He was 5'7" with brown eyes and black hair at the time. After the war he was a motor mehanic. Married Florence Partington in Victoria on Mar. 25, 1922. and had one daughter. After marriage he became branch manage of Mc. Mc & Prior. Died in New Westminster BC on 10 May 1971 and is buried in Victoria.

Khybergram said...

He has a great nephew and niece (possibly living in California) mentioned in his nephew's obituary.

Khybergram said...

There is a great-nephew and niece mentioned in his nephew's obituary - probably living in California.

Emma said...

Sent you an email with possible contacts for a great niece and nephew of John Thomas Drybrough