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December 14, 2011

Featured Database: Historical Records Survey NY City Church Records

Jim M. recently wrote to me about his website. If you haven't found it yet, and you have New York ancestors, you're in for a treat.  Jim has been uploading the  Historical Records Survey of New York City church records published in part by the W.P.A. (Works Projects Administration).

So far he has completed 3 volumes in the series including those for the Roman Catholic Church, the Reformed Church of America (DRC), and the Protestant Episcopal Church.  

This looks like a great website to bookmark! For other New York church records see New Netherland Church Records on Olive Tree Genealogy website

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The Historical Records Surveys, first published by the W.P.A and then continued by New York City, are great sources for the genealogist. When searching for a particular church, and the records available for that church—which sometimes list burial records for now defunct Manhattan cemeteries—begin with the general index; when searching for a particular minister, use the index of ministers; when trying to determine what church your ancestor might have attended, use the street location index for churches to compare the address of the churches with that of your ancestor.
To date we have made available the Historical Records Surveys for the Roman Catholic and Protestant Episcopal Churches, which cover the area of Bronx, New York, and Richmond Counties. As well as the surveys for the Reformed Church of America (DRC), the Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church, each of which cover all five counties that together make up New York City. For links to each of those Historical Records Surveys go to

Marilyn said...

"website" link doesn't work!

Genealogy Blogger said...

Thanks Marilyn

The link is fixed. It is but you can click on the word "website" in the blog post to get there

JJT said...

Great stuff - thanks for the tip!

Celia said...

Great link and appreciate Jim's explanation here of how to use the site - I have some lost NY City people (and New Netherlands) who may have records... another site to search now! Thanks.