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January 20, 2012

Another American Soldier Dog Tag Sent Home! Case #10 Solved

Good news! Another Soldier's ID Dog Tag has been sent home to family. Here is the note from John about Case #10, Edward Jones:

The Dog Tag has been returned to the family and a response was received by Tim, who returned it and whose step-father found it. Please go to the Camp Howze facebook page to see photos of Edward and other members of his family that served during WWII, along with some other photos and a copy of the letter thanking Tim for returning it.
Congratulations and thanks goes to Olive Tree Genealogy readers who put on their genealogy sleuthing hats and found Edward's family. We have several cases still unsolved so please take a look at the list of Lost and Found Soldiers' Dog Tags to see if you can help send one home.

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