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January 11, 2012

Letters Lost & Found From the 17th Century

A few days ago I heard from a researcher working for Dutch National television who is doing research on history and genealogy for a program called ‘Brieven Boven Water
This TV program is all about letters sent by Dutchmen overseas to the New World and other places in the 17th and 18th centuries. The letters never arrived, since the ships that transported the letters were hijacked by the English.

Over 38,000 of these letters were recently found and the program tries to find out about the person who wrote the letter(s) and track descendants in 2012. They are working on one of my ancestors Hendrick Meesen Vrooman and want to know if I can help. 

They are hoping to find a few descendants of Hendrick's son Adam and I think I can help with that. Of course they also have me as I descend from Hendrick's daughter Eva who married Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburg in New Netherland (present day New York)

You can read about the letter my ancestor Hendrick wrote to his brother in Leiden in 1664 at "Thank You Hendrick"  You can also read the transcribed letter at "Letters For Loot"


Judy G. Russell said...

Oh that is just too wonderful. What a great find for your family! (I am so jealous... There's little chance my illiterate ancestors left behind anything of the kind!)

PalmsRV said...

Not only were the letters a fantastic historical find, but as a descendant to be able to have access to them is beyond wonderful.

Jill Ball said...

A great story - You'll have to share it on our Rootstech panel.