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March 16, 2012

Auntie and I Scan Family Recipes with Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Auntie and I at Greek Restaurant
A few days ago I visited my 88 year old auntie. That's us sitting in a Greek Restaurant that she wanted to try for lunch.

After a lunch of Greek Salad and Chicken Souvlaki in a Pita, we headed back to auntie's apartment. She continued telling me more stories of growing up with my mom and my grandparents (her parents)

My great-uncle, my grandpa Fuller's brother, turns 100 this summer and we were trying to figure out if we could pay him a visit and get his family stories too!

The problem is he is stone deaf and doesn't like to wear his hearing aid! And he's a bit gruff too so he kind of scares me.

But the stories he could tell me might help me overcome my hesitation

Scanning with Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
Back at auntie's apartment we pulled out the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner as auntie said she had some of her mother's recipes written in her own hand.

I was eager to get copies since I love to cook and want to try some of Grandma's recipes.  I've got two of my grandma's recipes that aren't in her hand as I wrote down what she told me when I was a newly married bride.

Auntie had two recipes from Grandma for Christmas Fruit Cake that my Grandmother wrote out for her so I scanned them and took photos with my iPhone.

The recipes are written on 6 1/2x10 inch paper so couldn't be scanned in one scan but with Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner stitching software I'm not concerned.

I just scanned them in three sections - top, middle and bottom and later I'll stitch them together to make one image.

Grandma's Fruit Cake Recipe

One of the recipes I have from Grandma is for Spotted Dick, and it was actually her mother's (my great-grandmother) recipe.

The other is for Cow's Tongue and a relish-sauce to serve with it.

Spotted Dick might as well be called Heart-Attack-in-a-dish so I've only made it once. We do enjoy Cow's Tongue and I use that recipe frequently.

One of the funny stories auntie told me on this visit was how her grandmother Fuller (my great-grandmother) used to pull humbugs out of her pocket to give to auntie to keep her quiet in church. But the humbugs were unwrapped so were covered in lint and hairs! To this day auntie says she hates humbugs.


NoOceanInKansas said...

Great post! I love handwritten recipes, and your aunt seems like such a lovely person!

P J Sabados said...

The more I read about the Flip-pal, the more I want one! I love handwritten recipes too. My favorite is one my Mom wrote out for Carrot Cake. I have a lot of good memories that come out when I just look at that card.