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March 22, 2012

Update on A Californian's Wartime Experience: Hidden From the German Army

Henry Taylor, Gloria, Susanne & Natalina
For those who haven't been following this story, please see part 1: A Californian's Wartime Experience: Hidden From the German Army

Part 1 gives the details about Henry (aka Harry) Taylor being hidden by Nick's grandmother and grandfather in Italy during WW2, and that we are looking for Henry's descendants in California. 

Nick  sent me new information and photos from his Italian and Australian relatives which might help us in our search for the family of Henry Taylor.

On the left is a lovely family photo sent to Nick's family in Italy from Henry either while he was living in England or after he immigrated to California.

I believe from other clues that this photo was taken in London England.

From the clothing and hairstyles I put this photo at late 1940s or very early 1950s. So this helps us determine when Susanne and Natalina were born.

Reverse of photo of daughter

 This image on the left is the reverse of a photo of Henry's daughter - the baby you see in the photo above.

It appears to have been taken on the same day as the family group shot above as the daughter (Natalina?) is wearing what looks like the same dress and appears to be the same age.

This reverse image gives the name of the photographer, A. Barrett and an address of 109 Holloway Rd, London UK

A search of Google Maps gives a very good overview of where Holloway Rd is - in Islington Borough of the City of London. So I think we may be able to find Henry and family in the Voter's Registrations for London England.

Henry Taylor's daughter
You may also have noticed that this image has written on it "Harry Taylor's daughter". Harry is a very common nickname for Henry but we may not have searched for him under that name before.

In this photo of Henry's youngest daughter Natalina, her dress has a type of smocking that was typical of the 1940s. 

There may be passenger lists of his arrival when he immigrated from England to California under the name Harry Taylor. And it appears that his entire family came with him or at least came over at some time. So they may appear on passenger lists too either with Henry or arriving separately.

Reverse of photo of Henry Taylor in Part 1
The image on the left gives Henry/Harry's name and adddress in London England. This might be very helpful in finding him on Voter's Registrations or other records.

It reads:

Harry Taylor
11 Road (I can't read this but it's crossed out with a single faint line and written under it is  48 Grove Dale)
Upper Holloway
London England

Upper Holloway is found in Islington Borough of the City of London


Henry aka Harry Taylor was a British soldier in WW2. While in Italy and was hidden from the German army by Nick's grandparents.  He was probably in his 20s.

After WW2 Henry aka Harry lived in London England at least until late 1940s or early 1950s

At some point Henry and family left England for California and were there at least by 1961, possibly earlier.

Henry kept in touch with Nick's Italian grandparents, and their daughter Natalina (Lina) until sometime between 1961 and 1965. Then contact was lost

Henry's wife was Gloria and they had 2 daughters, Susanne and Natalina. Judging by the new family group photo above, it appears the daughters may have been born in England ca 1945-early 1950s


We might find a record of Henry aka Harry's marriage to Gloria in Free BMD  We might find a record of the births of Susanne and Natalina there too

A search of Voters' Registrations in London England and in California might turn up Henry and his wife Gloria

A search of Ships Passenger Lists might find Henry and his family arriving in USA

If anyone has any other ideas please do tell us in the Comments section. If you want to jump in and join in the search for Henry, his wife or daughters, please do! Just type your search results in the Comments section of this blog so that others can benefit from your finds.

Let's reunite Nick's aunt Lina (for whom Henry's daughter Natlina was named) with Henry's family. 


g and r said...

I found a Henry T G Taylor married Gloria E Hughes in Q1 Mar 1959 in Bedwelltry, Monmouthshire. the problem with this is I show a Henry T G Taylor born in 1935, too young to be in the war. This is the only marriage in England/Wales of a Henry Taylor and a Gloria LNU that I can find in the BMD's. I'm wondering if he used a middle name. Now wouldn't that make things very interesting!!!!Also, I can find no Natalina or Susanne Taylor in the BMD's

g and r said...

Just wondering if there has been any resolution to search for Henry?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...


We've found Henry's family and contact has been made. I'll be writing an update next week with details.

Glad you asked!