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May 11, 2012

Announcement: 1911 England Census FREE May 11-14

The following announcement was sent to Olive Tree Genealogy Blog and I'm off to take advantage of this offer. Hoping I can find my English grandmother.

The 1911 Census is complete at They've finished all the transcriptions, so you can search for your relatives just as you would in any of their other census records. Better yet, they've made the whole thing absolutely FREE 11-14th May!

This is perhaps the most detailed family history collection available anywhere online. It includes over 25 million records, with a separate page dedicated to each household. You can see each entry in your ancestors' original handwriting, and look for any extra notes they made. Some helpful souls even added potted histories of their movements or occupations. See a 1911 Census record

You'll also find extra columns not included on previous censuses. You can discover the industries people worked in, how long couples had been married, and how many children they'd had. This last point is particularly useful if you've found birth records that don't seem to tally with your existing discoveries.

To help you pick out every last detail, have created an exclusive record viewer, especially for the 1911 Census. This viewer makes it much easier to spot the ancestors you've searched for. Plus, move your cursor along their entries, and you'll be given an expert analysis of what each column is telling you ? and a transcription of any difficult handwriting. Read more about the census viewer

1911 marked the end of an era, with the Industrial Revolution complete and World War I just three years away. The Census reveals whether your ancestors kept to tradition as butlers and maids, embraced change as miners or factory workers; or fought the system as suffragettes.

This is the perfect chance to discover your recent relatives. Log in to  to search the entire England & Wales 1911 Census for FREE.

Search the 1911 Census now.


Anonymous said...

"Better yet, they've made the whole thing absolutely FREE 11-14th May!" is untrue: searching is indeed free for the next few days, but records cannot be saved to trees without a paid subscription. The press release is cunningly worded.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Hmmm I was able to save an image to my computer no problem.

So I went back after reading your note and was able to start a tree using an image from 1911 free census.

I don't have a paid subscription and it worked for me just fine

Anonymous said...

Records couldn't be saved when I first posted, but I find they can now. (I seem to remember the same happening one weekend when some military records were offered -- the full freedom took time to unfold.)