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May 24, 2012

A Tip for Using Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner (and a Coupon!)

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner came to my rescue once again. Such a simple thing but it saved me some time and trouble. I'd promised my daughter a copy of one 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper. That doesn't sound like a big deal but the sheet is colored and I needed the copy to retain the original colors. I couldn't photocopy it and mail to her because I don't have a color copier.

I could have gone up to Staples and paid to have it copied but that's a 20 minute drive each way and with the cost of gas plus my time spent doing this, it seemed like there had to be a better way. Not that my daughter isn't worth it, she is!! But I wanted to get the copy to her quickly, and I was laid up with my bad hip. So the drive was out of the question.

My main computer is not hooked up since I'm in process of moving to my new office space, so that means no big scanner hooked up either.  I could have used my iPhone camera but the page was mostly text and that always seems a little blurry to me on a camera picture.

Then I remembered my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner! All I had to do was make two quick scans (one for each section of the page I needed) Then insert the memory card into the USB adapter, pop it into my MacBookAir and within seconds I had both scans ready to email to my daughter. I didn't bother with the stitching abiiity because that wasn't necessary but I could have done that quickly too.

So that's my new tip for using your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner. Don't have a Flip-Pal? No worries, here's two May coupons for you to choose from if you want to purchase one.

May Flora

May 22 – May 31 Use Promotion Code: gc512a

Purchase a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and receive a grey Flip-Pal Carry Case FREE! (Please note: this is the neoprene, not deluxe carry case. Both items must be in your shopping cart.)

May Fauna

May 22 – May 31 Use Promotion Code: dcs512a

Purchase a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner with Digital Creativity Suite 3.0 DVD and get a Flip-Pal mobile scanner Sketch Kit FREE! (Both items must be in your shopping cart.)

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