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May 26, 2012

A Genealogist's Birthday Card

 Okay maybe it's just me but I think this is the cutest card ever!

It might be a bit young for my son who has a 30-something birthday coming up very soon, but I liked it enough to buy it anyway.

Sure hope he isn't reading my Olive Tree Genealogy blog today.....

I wish there were more genealogy themed cards available. I realize I could make one myself but I like store-bought ones.

And I like ones I can send and get via mail the old-fashioned way, not a digital card.

I'm not fussy, I just know what I like! I prefer a card I can save.  And I save far too many! I have many dozens in my Genealogy Treasures Blanket Box.

How about you? Are you totally into digital? Or do you like the look and feel of one you get in the mail?


Jen Baldwin said...

Mail! It's the only way to go. I'm like you, I have a bunch of cards stashed away from special occasions, or things that are significant; like when my Dad actually signs the card himself, instead of my Mom signing for him, or the Mother's Day card I just got from my 3 y.o. who "signed" it herself (with Daddy's help) for the first time!
Love the card, very cute!
Thanks for posting.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

I'm with you Jen! I can't save every card I've ever received so I save the ones with meaning.

As you said - the ones where my children printed their own names or drew a picture, the ones that have a hand-written note and so on. It makes me happy to pull them out now and then and look through them.

Celia said...

Great card - and I've been known to send cards like this one to any of my very adult children (34-44 yrs old now). I'd say - send it, he'll get a kick out of it because it will be oh-so-You!

Jill Ball said...

I think that's a great card - if I had it I would mail it to one of my 30 something sons.

Susan D. said...

What a great find! I agree whole heartedly that digital cards do not have the same appeal or emotion behind them. Having recently moved house, I had a good sort out of my Memory Box and would not get rid of cards that mean so much - ones written by my mother, father and aunt, early "artistic" efforts of my duaghter when little, cards from friends when I was recovering from a major operation, etc. etc. They still mean so much to me.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Definitely sending this card along with a small gift. Going in the mail today!

kt Jonas said...

I save every card I get..if someone thinks enough of me to send a card,I keep it. I buy those old 'magnetic' photo albums at the second hand store and they all go in there.When the book is full,it goes on the shelf and ever so often,I look thru it and relive the memories of why the card was sent...KT Jonas