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July 10, 2013

Ancestor Birth Record Finder - Alternate Ways to Find Birth Information

Ancestor Birth Record Finder - Alternate Ways to Find Birth Information
Does this sound familiar? 

You've completed your family Pedigree Chart and Group Sheet. You've hunted for ancestor death and burial records.

You looked for marriage records and now are ready to hunt for births or baptisms of your ancestors.  

Birth Registrations or Church Baptismal Records often contain the following genealogical information:
  • Names of parents of the child, including maiden name of mother
  • Ages of parents
  • Place and exact date of birth of child
  • Occupation of father
  • Information regarding legal status of marriage
Sadly you have not been able to find a record of your ancestor's birth and you aren't sure where to look next. Ancestor Birth Record Finder: Tips on Finding a Birth Record When You've Hit a Brick Wall is available on Amazon as  an E-Book for only $1.15

Also be sure you trace all siblings of your ancestor. This will help you later when you reach that brick wall and don't know where to turn next. Remember, one sibling's birth or baptism record might have full information on his parents. This is very helpful if your ancestor's was in the church that lost its records in a fire. 

Information: Image courtesy of digitalart / Article previously published on Olive Tree Genealogy in "New to Genealogy - Help for Beginners. Start Your Journey to Find Your Family Tree. Step 6: Find Birth or Baptism Records " at

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