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February 17, 2014

18 Years Online for Olive Tree Genealogy!

18 Years Online for Olive Tree Genealogy!
Yes you read that number correctly. 18 years ago I started my website Olive Tree Genealogy.

Olive Tree Genealogy actually began sometime in the winter of 1995 but it wasn't until February 1996 that it was given space on the old Rootsweb site. 

That site is still online at and it holds all the "extra" free databases and goodies that I don't have room for on Olive Tree Genealogy at
Many of the big sites we use today did not exist when I set up Olive Tree Genealogy. CyndisList came online right after me. Rootsweb started up around the same time. didn't exist.
I am often asked why I created Olive Tree Genealogy. After my husband died in 1993 and I was injured at school by a student, my enforced inactivity allowed me to begin creating Olive Tree Genealogy site.

I started with one ships list and articles I wrote about Huguenots, Walloons, Loyalists and Palatines. The  ships list was so popular and I received so many requests for more that I began hunting for more. Now Olive Tree Genealogy has over 1,500 ships lists online. 

Look at me now! I am officially a dinosaur in Internet terms. Eighteen years is a very long life on the Internet.  

What am I up to now? Well I'm busy with my blogs and websites as well as my genealogy research of course. Here's the list of my blogs and websites.


Olive Tree Genealogy
Ask Olive Tree
Ancestors At Rest
Past Voices: Letters Home
The Paper Trail
Antique Hunter
Ollie's Yummy in Your Tummy
Family Bibles
Tea For Two
Chicken Chat

Olive Tree Genealogy
Naturalization Records
Ancestors At Rest
All Census Records
The Genealogy Spot
Olive Tree Extras
Past Voices
All English Records
The Great War
Canadian Military Heritage Project

Writing genealogy and history books also keeps me pretty busy!  You can read a bit more about me if you are interested, or see some of the early versions of Olive Tree Genealogy at

Who knows, maybe Olive Tree Genealogy will still be around for its 25th Anniversary! 


Trees Planet said...

Congratulation! Best of luck. And Keep it up.

Celia Lewis said...

You're an absolute MARVEL, Lorine!! Happy Blogiversary, indeed!!

You're one more example of what one person can achieve in the genealogy world! People such as: Cyndi Ingles, Daniel Johnson, Tom Tryniski (Fulton newspapers) and others. I know there are more - you're there too with your ships lists and more research items. Thank you indeed!

KerrieAnne Christian said...

Congratulations - I haven't seen too many websites that have continued that long.I started my first website on Angelfire a year after you in late 1996 - early 1997. My first website still exists.

We have come along way since then.

Kerrie Christian

Nancy said...

Congratulations on 18 years, Lorine. I didn't realize you had so many other websites. You are a powerhouse for genealogy! Here's to another 18 years!

John Sparrow said...

Well Done. In Navy parlance, BZ (stands for Bravo Zulu)
John Sparrow

Jana Last said...

Congratulations on 18 years Lorine! What an amazing accomplishment!

I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in my Fab Finds post today at

Have a great weekend!

Rita Lancefield said...

Congratulations, Lorine! It's been a great 18 years and I am looking forward to the next 18.