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February 22, 2014

Sometimes the Walls of a House Can Speak

Sometimes the Walls of a House Can Speak
Have you ever hidden photos, objects or notes in a wall of your house? I have. When I was living in my last house, my husband renovated the living room. The project called for tearing out part of one wall. So I had each of my children write a letter telling something about themselves. We included photographs and a printed family tree. Each of us added a few mementos that we thought might interest whoever might find our treasures in the future.

In our current house which we built, there were many opportunities to put treasures into wall spaces! One that made us chuckle was hiding a beautiful 24 inch porcelain doll in its original packaging in the wall behind a built-in cupboard. We wrote our names on the package but nothing else. Weird? Maybe but we enjoy thinking about someone someday finding that doll and scratching their heads in puzzlement. Plus they've got a pretty cool collector's item if they are into antiques.

Recently I read a fascinating blog post about letters and postcards found behind the baseboard in an older home. Readers are trying to help the blog author find descendants of the letters and cards. You can read the story at My Girl Maymes


Andrea Kelleher said...

That is pretty cool that you have those hidden treasures in your house. Would love to see the reactions of the people who will find them someday.

TravelGenee said...

Nice Sunday story. I enjoyed this idea however my husband is not into big DIY projects so I cannot see any opportunities for taking advantage of it. I would live to find another families messages too. Fran @