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October 30, 2015

1909 Birthday Postcard Adams, North Dakota

Recently I rescued 28 vintage orphaned postcards from antique shops. They range in date from 1900 to 1918. 27 are from United States and 1 is from Ontario Canada. 

I have scanned and added more of these postcards to Lost Faces and will be adding the rest of these wonderful cards over the next month. I hope descendants will see these postcards and recognize an ancestor.  

Perhaps you will find an ancestor or two!

Mrs. Earl/CarlBergsland, Adams, North Dakota. to "Dear Minnie" From Alma. 1909


betty boland said...

I have post cards from devil's lake North Dakota. My dad was born there approx 1918.

The Dead Relative Collector said...

I saw "Adams, North Dakota" and got excited for a moment... I did have family in the area, during that era... but alas, I am not connected to either of the postcard subjects.
Good Luck~ I managed to mail out 3 different photos that found family homes from my blog this week! It's always a good feeling