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December 27, 2015

And a Good Time Was Had by All!

The table was set for a smaller number of guests this year at the annual Christmas Dinner I host. Our usual numbers of family and friends is 30 or more. This year it was only 12! But it was lovely because this year my 93 year old auntie was able to join us.

We used my husband's great-grandmother's china for the table setting. My cousin gave me her grandmother's goblets and dessert bowls which match the china beautifully!

I had to figure out how to cook for 1/3 of my usual number but other than that it was business as usual. It seemed sensible to cook the same dishes but in smaller quantities!

If you are interested this was my Christmas Menu this year. I do all my own cooking so I've included links to any recipes that I have online on my Ollies Yummy in Your Tummy cooking blog
  • Turkey with stuffing and 3 kinds of gravy
  • Ham glazed with Maple Syrup and Mustard
  • Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi in Marinara Sauce
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Balsamic Root Vegetables
  • Asparagus wrapped in Goat's Cheese & Proscuitto
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Kak's Cukes
Dessert was Vanilla Ice Cream with Raspberry Coulis and Wafer cookies

We had a bit of fun between the main course and dessert with a funny game. Everyone has to put a white paper plate on their head and with a coloured pencil, draw a series of items without looking at the plate! At the end you add up points assigned to each item if done properly, and the winner is the person with the most points.

I hope everyone had, or is having, a wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate!

1 comment:

Carol said...

Wow - what a feast! Puts my simple turkey dinner to shame!