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December 12, 2015

It's not a Holiday Tree

I put up my Christmas Tree today! 

Merry Christmas everyone :-) 

You can see some of my surnames are

Peer, Vollick, King, McGinnis, Downey, Stead, Simpson, Burkholder, Fuller, Greenlees, Johnston, Shuart, Van Slyke, Ryckman, Bradt, Van Valkenburg, Damen, Caiser, Taine, Philpot, Norris, Higginson, Bell, Caspall, Holford, Smith, Dawson, Marical, Baker, Larroway, De Graw, Gingerich, Jamieson, Hubbard, Laming, Williams, Norman, Whibley, Page, Finn, Pott, Crunden, Sutton, Elvery, Anson, Blandell, Jackson, LeRoy, Winne, Hommell, Snider, Bellinger, Warner, Van Alstyne, Muller, Deroche, Wust, Kehl, Earl, Cole, Burd

The two surnames crossed out (Finn and Pott) were recently discovered to be the wrong line! That's another blog post though.  

Others not on the tree this year are Vrooman  Post  Shuart   Uziele and more


Patti said...

This is way cool! I am inspired to try something similar with my own surnames.

Sierra said...

Thank you for the holiday fun! I created my own tree today after being inspired by your post. Happy Holidays!