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December 18, 2015

Invite an Ancestor for Christmas Dinner: #4 Anna Kuhn, Bad Girl or Misunderstood?

Today I invite all of you to join me in coming up with an ancestor guest list for your Christmas Dinner. If you don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to choose a different holiday. 

Each day between now and December 25 I am going to invite one of my ancestors to join our family to celebrate with a traditional Turkey Dinner. 

Please think about who you want to invite and tell us why you want to have them at your table. Would you have a gift for them under the tree? What would it be? 

My fourth guest at the dinner table is going to be my 8th great-grandmother Anna Kuhn.

Anna  was born about 1659 in Germany. Married to one man at age 15, Anna bore another man two children before the church allowed her divorce from her first husband. She married for the second time in 1685. After fleeing Germany for New York in 1709, she ran off with her second husband's nephew. I want to know if she was a strong woman who had a lot of bad luck or was a willful selfish person who didn't care about anyone else. I know she had a hard life and I'll be able to get a sense of who she was after chatting with her and seeing her interactions with my other guests. 

Her gift from me will be a beautiful scarf. I know that may sound odd but I think Anna needs something pretty and frivolous in her life. I'm also going to wrap up a small bottle of perfume and some scented soaps.

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