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March 28, 2016

Easter Postcard Buffalo New York 1912

Recently I rescued 28 vintage orphaned postcards from antique shops. They range in date from 1900 to 1918. 27 are from United States and 1 is from Ontario Canada. 

I have scanned and added 6 of these postcards to Lost Faces and will be adding the rest of these wonderful cards over the next month. I hope descendants will see these postcards and recognize an ancestor.  

Perhaps you will find an ancestor or two!

Easter Card To Mrs. T. F. Galligan, 304 Virginia St, Buffalo New York. from Alice 1912

1 comment:

Anna Matthews said...

Thank goodness you keep posting these, not only for the obvious reasons but maybe one of these days I'll remember and have time to do the same with the postcards I used to collect.