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June 22, 2016

Burials, St. Paul's Church, Chester, Delaware Pennsylvania

Burials, St. Paul's Church, Chester, Delaware Pennsylvania

A recent bout of housecleaning, mainly purging and sorting my overstuffed filing cabinets brought these two images to light. Unfortunately I don't recall where I originally spotted them, so cannot give a source for the information. But I hope they will help you with an ancestor.  

Sept. 20. Maria Bond
Sept. 27. Isaac Bond
Jan. 13 Charles McGee
May 8 Elizabeth Crosby
June 3 Elizabeth Fuller
Aug 3 John Noble
Aug 30 Margaret Kerlin
Dec. 4 Edward Minshall, Sr.

April 12. Matthias Richards Sayres
May 28. Henry G. Kerlin, service by Rev. J. M. Douglas
Sept. 23 Edward Hinshall
Sept. 12 Eliza Smith
Feb. 28 Ann Eliza Crosby
Dec. 11. Joseph Piper
Dec. 25. Peter Deshong
Feb. 12 John P. Crosby
July 6. Pierce Crosby Jr
July 14. John Liddons/Siddons
July 28. John Downes/Lownes
Sept. 21. Thomas Lyons
Sept. 28. David Veidy?
Mar 4. John Hart of -- -- Graveyard
April 10 Elizabeth Davis
Dec. 17 Capt. William Anderson
May 17. John Pierce, Snr, at the grounds of St. John Concord
July 19 Rebeccah Lownes

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