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June 6, 2016

This is a Very Bad Idea!

Copyright protection is a very important issue, both online and offline. I have written about Copyright Issues many times on Olive Tree Genealogy blog. See Copyright Issues

Webmasters with copyrighted works for example, have protection against theft of their content. However the act that protects a webmaster can be (and is) abused!

"In May, the US Copyright Office came to San Francisco to hear from various stakeholders about how well Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is working.  The DMCA is the part of copyright law that provides for a “notice and takedown” process for copyrighted works on the Internet." [ Article by Lila Bailey]

DMCA notices can be sent in error or in spite, by a visitor who does not understand whether or not a webmaster has violated copyright, or bears a personal grudge against a webmaster. This happened to Steve Morse of One-Step Search Engine fame when a false DMCA notice was filed against him. Under the regulations, his site was taken down temporarily by his host server, while being investigated.

".... the Copyright Office is strongly considering recommending changing the DMCA to mandate a “Notice and Staydown” regime." [ Article by Lila Bailey]

Under this proposed legislation Steve Morse's site would never have been allowed back online!  This is a Very Bad Idea and I urge my readers to read the rest of the article Copyright Office’s Proposed Notice and Staydown System Would Force the Internet Archive and Other Platforms to Censor the Web

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