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June 3, 2016

Meet Linda Simpson Canadian Genealogist

Olive Tree Genealogy is delighted to introduce Linda Simpson. I interviewed Linda, a Canadian Genealogist, and can relate to her story of her start in genealogy. Read on to learn more about Linda and her blog.

1.How and when did you become involved in the field of genealogy?

 I started my research after I attended my maternal grand-fathers funeral. I was born in Montreal but moved to the states when I was four years old, and never had an opportunity to visit my relatives. Seeing the cemetery and the family plot in Saint- Hyacinthe, QC and being gifted a box of family photographs from a cherished Aunt set my path.

2.     What is your main genealogical focus?   

Although I have researched both sides of my family, my French-Irish side is where I focus my research, I want to know who they were, not just when they were born or died. 
3.      What are your website(s) and blogs?  The Past Whispers  

4.     Do you have a Social Media presence?   Linda Simpson and Canadian History & Genealogy

5.     Do you believe a Social Media presence is important?

I embrace technology so for me social media was something I was eager to learn, I’ve since connected with long lost family and friends that never would have happened outside of Facebook.
6.     Are you a member of any genealogical societies or organizations? 

 Quebec Family History Society, American-French Genealogical Society, Scarborough Historical Society.
7.     What does genealogy mean to you? Why do you believe it is important? 

 For me it means connecting, in a way, with people I will never meet, to learn about their daily lives in another era.
8.     What do you believe is the most exciting development in genealogy today? 

For me it has been online research. Living in a country outside of ones research is a handicap, with online resources the search is easier.
9.     Do you have a prediction or hope for the field of genealogy in the future? 

I hope more and more records are indexed and placed online especially Canadian census. I also hope that more of the younger generation will become interested in their heritage, to keep them alive so to speak.
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