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October 21, 2016

Propaganda Postcards 1900s Warning Men of Dangers of Women's Rights

Thanks to my friend J.D. Thomas for posting this link to these ridiculous but interesting postcards. The site explains the postcards this way:

Here’s a collection of totally ridiculous vintage postcards and posters dated from around 1900 to 1914 warning men of the dangers associated with the suffragette movement and of allowing women to think for themselves.  

View the postcards at Absurd propaganda postcards warning men about the dangers of women’s rights, early 1900s


Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wow. Those are quite the interesting post cards! ha! I sent a link to my daughter so she can check them out.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really enjoyed looking at the postcards - some of them are very humorous! The men must have been really worried!!

Unknown said...

Interesting to see how the anti-women's suffrage crowd loved to hammer over and over that the suffragettes were ugly and bitter for lack of husbands. Except for when they were married and neglecting their husbands and children. I contrast this with the many photos of suffragettes I've seen - they tend to look attractive and extremely happy with what they're doing. Fun girls that anyone would want to be with for the most part.

And apparently caring for their children and performing simple household tasks completely emasculated white males. Hard to believe American men believed their virility was so fragile! Or was this some vague link to ideas about homosexuality at the time?

Thanks for an interesting link!

Ken Ames said...

The women's voting block was unleashed by socialist who also used these naturally socialist females to overthrow Russia during the same timeframe. If you later to children you gain control of the women and and therefore you already have two thirds of the population under your thumb. It's socialism 101 and a proven tactic. Just look around. We have morphed into a socialist country on the backs of women and minorities just as predicted. Oh, but Liberty is racist bigotry; I forgot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ken - no one "gains control of women" no matter when - or if - we have children. Our female ancestors thought for themselves. Women took the vote for themselves, as well as the right to sit on juries and run for public office, because they realized how little of the liberty and responsibilities of citizenship promised to all in our national documents was actually their's. Ditto for minorities, who also got sick and tired of being excluded. As for socialism, truly socialist countries actually have good gender parity. They'e our best allies, trade partners, and favorite places for Americans to visit.