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January 23, 2017

A Hunch Helps Find a Medieval City in a Field

A farmer's field in Wales held the lost city of Trellech but no one knew it. At one point in history Trellech which was settled in the 13th century, was a boomtown, with as many as 10,000 inhabitants. Then it disappeared, destroyed by famine, disease and finally, a 15th century massacre.

Over time the exact location of Trellech was lost to memory. But Scott Wilson, a member of the local Monmouth Archaeological Society, began to look more closely at  pottery shards that kept turning up in molehills.

Wilson ended up purchasing a farm where he suspected the lost city might be found and his hunch was proven correct.

Read more about Wilson's Lost City of Trellech Project and read the full story of his find on the National Post story The lost city of Wales: Amateur archaeologist plays a hunch and finds a medieval metropolis in a field

Credits: Image is a screenshot from The National Post

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Jane Coryell said...

I've been there. The archaeologist is a very friendly person, and he has worked hard and spent a lot of money to find the city. No one believed him, but he followed his dream.