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January 9, 2017

Unlock the Past Cruise 2017 Papua New Guinea

Ready for a sea trip? Join the Unlock The Past Cruise 2017 Papua New Guinea

Date: 28 July–7 August 2017
Duration: 10 nights
Ship: Pacific Aria
  • conference AU$450 (non-genealogy companion sharing a cabin ($250)
  • cruise – at the rate of the day – click here for current guide to rates

An exciting new cruise featuring:
  • a completely different kind of itinerary – to Papua and New Guinea and and its islands, one of the emerging and exciting new cruise destinations.
  • a 10 night cruise providing a balanced schedule:
    • 4 days at sea – lots of time for our usual wide ranging conference
    • 5 days in ports and/or around islands – great sightseeing and fascinating shore excursions
  • some of the  best conference facilities of any ship we have seen – we will have two of the Pacific Aria‘s three conference rooms available for our exclusive use for the entire cruise
  • a conference program headed by Dr Tom Lewis, one of Australia’s foremost Pacific war historians and authors, supported by other recognised experts. The program will have around 40 talks, mostly in a single stream
  • a special WWII Pacific War stream. 2017 will be the 75th anniversary of the Pacific war coming to both Australia and New Guinea. 1942 was the year:
    • the Japanese attacked the Australian mainland (including Darwin and Broome by air and Sydney by submarines).
    • the Japanese attacked New Guinea including Rabaul and Milne Bay (places visited by this cruise) and the Kokoda Trail.
    • of Battle of the Coral Sea, the first time the Japanese were checked in their relentless southward advance.


The Lurking Genealogist said...

The headline says Alaska Cruise.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Corrected - thank you!