January 30, 2017

New Resource for Loyalists from New York

The  New York Public Library recently digitized a manuscript List of loyalists against whom judgments were given under the Confiscation Act, which documents judgments made against loyalists between 1780 and 1783. It includes the name of the loyalist, their occupation, town or county of residence, date of indictment, and date of judgment when signed.

Search the lists and read more at the New York Public Library article Disposessing Loyalists and Redistributing Property in Revolutionary New York


Denise Baker said...

Just took a quick look for one of my ancestors and noticed that the date of Indictment was: 14th of June in the 5th year of Independence.

What year would that be? 1881?


Unknown said...

Am I missing something? This list is located online, but one has to request and receive permission to view it?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Yes, you apparently didn't keep reading. The sentence right after the one about restricted access says "The entirety of this collection has been digitized and is available online."

Then you see (if you keep looking down the page) the icon under the heading DIGITAL ASSETS that says "38 images" Clicking on that link brings up 38 images of the 38 pages