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June 28, 2017

Unmarked Graves of Barnardo's Homes Children

Barnardo's Homes took in abandoned and orphaned children in England. Most were cleaned up, fed, clothed and photographed on arrival at Barnardo's. Many were sent to homes in Canada and Australia as little more than indentured servants. Some died in the Home. 

Researchers with Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park began research into some of the children who died in Barnardo's and were buried in unmarked graves in the London cemetery. in 2016 photos of the children along with their names and details of their short lives were put online.

See the photos of these lost children at The real Tiny Tims: Remembered at last, the faces of the Barnardo's boys and girls who were consigned to unmarked graves after their lives were tragically cut short by poverty and sickness

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