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August 23, 2017

Mary Facey Elgie Photo Album p 7

This photo taken in 1916 shows William Elgie and his wife Mary Louise Facey with their children Harry (b. 1907), Anne (b. 1912) and baby Florence (b. 1914).

This photo is labelled "Miss Bradbury (Ingersoll) & Annie Edythe Elgie Mitchell"

Unfortunately we have Annie Edythe Elgie married to Robert Bragg so we cannot explain the reference to her as Mitchell.

There was one more tiny photo, which looked like it had been torn from a larger one, tucked into the plastic sleeve with the photo dated 1916.

This photo is labelled "Grandma Facey, Annie Edythe Elgie Mitchell". Grandma Facey is Margaret Wilford, wife of Samuel Facey. Annie Edythe was her granddaughter and daughter of William Elgie and Mary Louise Facey.

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