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November 3, 2017

Surnames A-Z: D Names

There's a new meme going around Facebook right now. Genealogists are listing their mother's maiden name, father's surname, maternal and paternal grandparents' surnames and a few more generations back.

It's a cute idea but I don't think it's wise to be providing such detail, especially your mother's maiden name, as it is often the secret question asked on sites where you require a password to log in.

So I'm revising the meme to suit me and I hope others will follow suit, either here as a comment on Olive Tree Genealogy blog, or on their own blog.

Over the coming weeks I'll be listing my surnames starting with "A" and going through the alphabet until I reach "Z".

I'll preface this with a caveat - most surnames are more common than you might think, so sharing a surname doesn't mean we're related. To be completely useful any surname list should have a geographic location and a time period. But this is just a fun little exercise and if you spot a name of interest, just let me know and we'll compare dates and locations.

D SURNAMES: Damen, Dawson, De Grauw, De Groot, De Roche, De Ruine, de Toine, Deane, Deckmann, Demarest, Des Chalets, Dewes, Doust, Down, Downey, Drury, Duty

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Doris Waggoner said...

DEFOREST/DEFORREST, DEGRAAF, DE VOS, all in New Netherland, some b. in Netherlands

Marcy Belles said...

hmm . . . we may have a match on Drury. Here is the link to my D surnames.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Hi Marcy

My DRURY family was in Kent England and daughtered out with birth of Mary in 1712.

Marcy Belles said...

My Drury was a daughter, Dorcas, (no name for parents) born in 1705. She married a John Stovall before 1735 in Virginia.