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November 23, 2017

Surnames A-Z: H Names

There's a new meme going around Facebook right now. Genealogists are listing their mother's maiden name, father's surname, maternal and paternal grandparents' surnames and a few more generations back.

It's a cute idea but I don't think it's wise to be providing such detail, especially your mother's maiden name, as it is often the secret question asked on sites where you require a password to log in.

So I'm revising the meme to suit me and I hope others will follow suit, either here as a comment on Olive Tree Genealogy blog, or on their own blog.

Over the coming weeks I'll be listing my surnames starting with "A" and going through the alphabet until I reach "Z".

I'll preface this with a caveat - most surnames are more common than you might think, so sharing a surname doesn't mean we're related. To be completely useful any surname list should have a geographic location and a time period. But this is just a fun little exercise and if you spot a name of interest, just let me know and we'll compare dates and locations.

H SURNAMES: Haldi, Hansen, Harman, Harrison, Haull, Hellman, Hendricksdr., Herbert, Herschi, Hertel, Hervagault, Heuser, Higginson, Hinds, Hogben, Holden, Holford, Hommel, Hooper, Hougham, Howell, Hubbard, Hummel, Hunsicker, Hutchford

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Doris Waggoner said...

My Harrisons were originally Norwegians who changed the original Henriksen once they arrived in North Dakota. Family lore says that when my gg grandfather finally found a job on a ND farm, the boss's name was identical to his. The boss said, in effect, "There won't be two Hans Henricksens on my farm. What name will you use?" Diplomatically, Henriksen thought quickly and translated in his head into Hans Harrison. He had worked in Liverpool so may have known some "real" Harrison there.

Hardy, early settler in Rowley, Essex, MASS

Hollyfield, early married into my Waggoner lines more than once

maliburita56 said...

H Surnames

Haynes (Haines, Heinz)

Marcy Belles said...

Here are my H surnames:

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

No matches Marcy but glad you are taking part!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Doris, always enjoy your explanation of your surnames!

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

maliburita56 no matches with me but maybe a reader will connect with you