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February 15, 2018

Book on Levi Peer & Elizabeth Marical New Jersey to Illinois and Canada

The Peer family, loyal to the British Crown, suffered from persecution in New Jersey throughout the American Revolution. Levi and his family left Sussex County New Jersey in 1801 to join his parents and siblings in Upper Canada (Ontario). Shortly after the War of 1812, Levi and family left Canada for New York, then Pennsylvania, and eventually Illinois. One son returned to Canada.

This book discusses the lives of Levi, his wife Elizabeth Marical and their children and grandchildren in those early years. Descendants will enjoy seeing early documents such as land petitions, family photographs, newspaper clippings, and wills.

The Peer Family in North America: V.2 Levi Peer & Elizabeth Marical and their Descendants to 3 Generations is now available at or or

Note for the book on Levi Peer's parents you also need to purchase V. 1 Jacob & Anne Peer which is available at or

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Toni said...

I'm working on a brick wall, NJ to NY to Nova Scotia to PEI and then...where? There are days when I want to throw things and days when I want to cry and days where I am just sitting here wondering what went wrong. The Ward branch is 1/2 of a Mayflower line. You would think this would be easy.