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February 8, 2018

Write Your Family Stories With Over 150 Prompts

Sharing Family Stories and Memories: Prompts for Writing Your Memoirs for Future Generations is now available as an ebook on, paperback on, ebook on or paperback on

Family stories are lost over three generations unless they are recorded and preserved. Don’t wait to start preserving your precious memories. It is important as genealogists that we not forget about writing our own story. Finding an ancestor diary is a huge thrill.

But what about our own memories and stories? We need to preserve them for future generations. I invite you to begin your personal genealogy journey. Start your own journal and write your stories.

My book provides more than 150 prompts and suggestions for guiding  you  as you record your childhood memories and stories. Each prompt has several questions designed to jog your memory of events.

For example one prompt is Firsts (first Kiss, first Dance, first airplane ride, first birth in family, first car, first death in family, first wedding in family, etc. ) 

Use the prompts in this book to jog your memory or guide you. Write daily or weekly or monthly, but write!

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