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October 6, 2018

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving

It's our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. How are you celebrating? Ours is a quiet one this year with just my hubby and I.

Long gone are the days when all my children and their families returned home for a feast like this on the left.

I no longer cook a big turkey like this one from 2015. So I feel a bit sad this year. Times change. Lives get busy. Family live far away.

I get it. But I still like to get together with family on this weekend.

I think my husband is looking forward to the peace and quiet though. With 10 grandchildren it can get rather hectic!

We've certainly had our share of fun on Thanksgiving. One year my husband decided to raise our own turkey for the feast. But he let it grow until it was over 50 pounds and I didn't have a big enough pot or oven to cook it in!

On the right are the two birds. One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. They had a lovely reprieve that year. 

Wishing everyone who celebrates our Canadian Thanksgiving a wonderful holiday! What are your traditions?


Dr. Carpenter said...

My great aunt Ruby Eva Mathews was born in Storrington, Canada and moved with her family to the Manitoba area with her family as a young girl. Eventually the entire family moved to the southern US for her mother's health in 1910. She helped to raise my father and I was lucky to have her as I was growing up as well. Here in the south US we make a savory cornbread dressing .. but she always made a sweeter bread dressing for Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding me of this with your post.
Brenda Mathews Carpenter (descendant of David vanVolkenburg)

Unknown said...

I'm so looking forward to the holidays this year. My son-in-law and I plan and cook and have food that we don't have the rest of the year, like a tasty cheese platter, and smoked salmon on cream cheese bagels for breakfast!

Carolyn Atkinson said...

Have a good Thanksgiving.