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October 8, 2018

Online Ontario Newspapers

Some genealogists might not know about Bowling Green State University (BGSU) 's Historical Canadian Newspapers Online: Ontario

They have a very lengthy list of historical Canadian newspapers (with links) for all Provinces but I'm personally interested in Ontario so thought I would share that link with readers.

You can find all kinds of interesting items in local newspapers - beyond the expected birth, marriages, and deaths. There are often articles about accidents, or humorous events, or bankruptcies... you name it, there could be an article mentioning your ancestor.

For example here's an 1879 article (one of many) about my 2nd great uncle Harmon Philip Peer, who made a living out of jumping off bridges and the masts of ships, attached to cables - sort of the first bungie jumper. 

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Unknown said...

Okay - that is a funny news article - what a treasure to have found.