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April 17, 2019

Looking For Hurlburt Descendants

Charlotte G. posted about these lovely photos and I am posting them on Olive Tree Genealogy blog in hopes a descendant might read about them.

I'm hoping for some help to place a collection of Hurlburt family photos. The photos are of Heman Stanley Hurlburt taken in 1913. There is one of Horace Gordon Hurlburt with 2 others. There is a group photo of Stan, Helena, Gladys, Horace, Alice, Mary Ann, and Ann. There is also a photo of Alice, Gladys, and Helena Hurlburt with their grandparents. Research shows me that the Hurburts were in Hamilton, Northumberland and Mitchell, Perth areas in the 1800s. I'd love to give these lovely photos and letter to someone in the Hurlburt line.

If you are looking for photos of your ancestors, check out


Miss Merry said...

What treasures! I hope they find their home.

Anonymous said...

I'm Heman Stanley Hurlburt's great-grand daughter Shannon. How do I contact Charlotte G to find out about these pictures?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

This is her Facebook page