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November 4, 2019

Lincolnshire exhibition sheds new light on Pilgrim Fathers

Source: BBC News
Newly discovered documents have revealed the Pilgrim Fathers settled in Boston in Lincolnshire for several months before they escaped England heading for the Netherlands in 1607.

I don't have any Lincolnshire or New England ancestors but if you do, you may find this of interest.

Previously it was thought they had only gone to Boston to take the ship, but according to the website BBC News,  

"This group of people - which includes really important members of the pilgrims like William Brewster, Richard Clifton and Thomas Helwys - they were worshiping here for up to three months."

The newly found documents are now on display at Boston Guildhall Museum

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Unknown said...

UGH!! Now I have to rewrite that part of my story!