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May 30, 2009

Lost WW1 Photographs

A treasure trove of First World War photographs was discovered recently in France. Published here for the first time, they show British soldiers on their way to the Somme. But who took them? And who were these Tommies marching off to die?

At least 400 glass photographic plates preserving the images were found in the loft of a barn at Warloy-Baillon and cast out as rubbish. In recent months, the plates, some in perfect condition, some badly damaged, have been lovingly assembled and their images printed, scanned and digitally restored by two Frenchmen.

Read the rest of this amazing story in The Independent. Readers are being asked to view the photographs and help identify locations, soldiers, regiments and so on.

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I left a comment on the photograph called "A Shortage of Overcoats My username is olivetree99 and the comment was given to me by Neil Cameron who asked me to post on his behalf.

Please take a look at these wonderful photographs and give input if you have any information at all.

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