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May 28, 2009

Using Part 2

Continued from Using Part 1....

Step 6. Now you see the actual page of the newspaper. On the right you are provided with the Title, Date, page # and Precise location of the newspaper article.
I want to mention something very important before we go on! At the top, above the newspaper page and the Reader horizontal bar, are little icons for The first is a beak <, then a shopping cart, etc. The beak < is what you use to get back to your search results. Do not use the back button on your browser!

Back to the newspaper page. It is displaying but I can't see my search terms highlighted. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.

Step 7 In this case, I don't want to start reading the whole page, so I click on the binoculars icon in the horizontal menu bar (4th icon from the left) Up pops a nice little search window that allows me to search the full newspaper page that is displaying

Now I see my term that I want (KING) in the Results window. Clicking on each of these in turn takes me directly to that word on the page. I can increase the magnification to any % I want. When I see an article I want to save, I have more choices.

Step 8 I can SAVE to my computer with the disc icon far left. I can PRINT the page. I can SELECT TEXT and select the text I want (this option never works well fo r me, it selects more text than I want and when I copy and paste it, the text is garbled) or, the option I like best -- I can use the SNAPSHOT TOOL.

I took a screen shot so you can see where it is (see the words SNAPSHOT TOOL near the top?) Click on that little icon and then outline the article you want to save. You are starting in the top left corner of your article and drawing a little dotted outline (box) around it. Your article that you have outlined is automatically saved to your clipboard. It is saved as a graphic so now you can PASTE it into any graphic program you like. I use Irfanview.

After saving your article, if you have used Snapshot Tool, be sure to click on the little HAND icon if you still want to look around the newspaper page.

In a future post on this blog I will talk about keywords and search strategies that I have found useful on as well as what to do when you get a page of HITS but clicking on one you want to see brings up "no results" for the keyword or keywords you searched on. Meantime I hope you enjoy searching for your ancestors on!

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Becky Jamison said...

Outstanding article! Thank you SO MUCH. For some reason I hadn't explored Newspaper Archive until I came across your article yesterday -I think it was yesterday ;-) I love it, subscribed to it, have found tons of articles already and spent 4 hours on it today. Now with your tips I can't wait to explore more tomorrow afternoon. I had saved most of my discoveries as .pdf files to my computer. They print out more clearly than printing from the image. I have a "new toy" now! Thanks again. I'll be watching for your next lesson--I still have much to learn.