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July 29, 2009

Adopt a Piece of the Onrust, the first Dutch ship in America 1614

In 1614 the Onrust was launched in what was to become New Netherland. It explored what is now New York, also Long Island and Connecticut. Captained by Adriaen Block, the Onrust's explorations enabled the Dutch to claim the territory that became New Netherland, which now includes parts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania

The 50 foot ship reconstruction, based on drawings and documents found in the Amsterdam Archives, started in 2006 in Schenectady at the site of the former Mabee farm.

Interested historians, genealogists and others can now adopt a piece of the ship, such as the sail, stern, keel, or a plank used in building it, by making a donation to the project. Contributors receive a certificate and their name inscribed on a plaque which will be placed on the ship when it is completed.

Donations may be made to

New Netherland Routes,
PO Box 1710
Schenectady New York
12301 or email

It's a fascinating glimpse into early American history!

Those interested in this time period and in New Netherland, may view a set of ships passenger lists for 81 ships sailing from Holland (the Netherlands) to New Netherland from 1624 until the English takeover in 1664. Many of these lists have never been published online or offline and are part of an ongoing project to reconstruct the lists based on a variety of primary sources.

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Jeff Kona said...

Thank you for sharing this great article! I have been more interested in my own family history and genealogy than general American History, but the more I learn about family history, the more I realize how fascinating 'history' is. This article reminded me how rich with history the USA is. I think this reconstruction project is very exciting!

I will tweet about this article @famtreesecrets. Thank you!