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July 10, 2009

I Got Wise... GenealogyWise that is....

I got wise. GenealogyWise that is... yesterday I joined GenealogyWise is a new social network site and when I first heard about it I thought "Oh no, just a Facebook wannabee..." I didn't expect to like it. I decided to give it a try though before giving it the thumbs down.

I am giving it one thumbs up and reserving that second thumb until more time has passed. I want to see if the initial euphoria and excitement of it wears off over time.

It is set up just for genealogists and it is rather nice to be connected to others who are passionate about genealogy too!

Not that I will give up Facebook. I have hundreds of friends, family and colleagues on Facebook and I enjoy everything I do there. But the more time I spent on GenealogyWise yesterday, the more I realized I can use both of them.

And GenealogyWise is the hottest thing in cyberspace right now. It took off like a rocket. When I joined there were about 200 members. 24 hours later there were over 1,000. You can link to me as Friend on My Page if you decide to pop over and give GenealogyWise a try.

Last night there were 332 Genealogy Groups. I've never seen so many genealogist set up so many groups so quickly! It almost became a race to see who could grab a good genealogy group name first. Here are a few of the groups I set up for genealogists to join:

Olive Tree Genealogy

Ships Passenger Lists to Canada

Lost Faces: Ancestor Photographs & Albums

Ontario Canada Genealogy

Ships Passenger Lists to USA

Naturalization Records

I hope you'll consider joining me, and other genealogists, in these groups. And there are hundreds more run by other genealogists!

There's lots you can do on GenealogyWise - Blogs, Forums, Groups, Videos, Photos.. you name it you can look at it or participate in it. It's free and easy to register, being part of the NING social network sites. If you are already registered with NING all you'll need to do is log in with your NING ID. Otherwise all you need do is give an email address, a password and fill out a brief profile page.

Hope to see you there! Be sure to look me up at My Page

1 comment:

Donna Messerly said...

Congratulations on taking a chance on this social network site. There truly are so many different networks out there now and it's hard to find just the right one to meet your specific interests. No other field of interest is more condusive to a network that connects you with other researchers than genealogy. Thanks for the review.