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September 7, 2013

Fabulous Find: A Manx Notebook

Fabulous Find: A Manx Notebook (Isle of Man)
View from Falcon Cliff, Isle of Man
A Manx Notebook is my latest genealogy find. It would be listed under Featured Database but it's so eclectic that instead I'm creating a new topic for my Olive Tree Genealogy blog called Fabulous Finds.

Anyone with ancestors from the Isle of Man will want to visit this site. I have spent the last two days poring over the vast wealth of material found on its pages and I'm still making discoveries.

Francis Coakley is the person behind this site which is titled "A Manx Notebook: An Electonic Compendium of Matters Past and Present Connected With the Isle of Man"

There are wills, church records, biographies, maps, Directories - and the list goes on. Don't miss this wonderful site for your genealogy research.

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