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September 13, 2013

No Response from so here are the Heir & Devisee Commission Film Details

Heir & Devisee Papers re Richard Hainer
Last month I posted an article called Heir & Devisee Commission 1797-1854 on - Listing Errors and a Workaround erred in their description and their finding aid for this wonderful set of records so I spent several days going through each online microfilm and creating a corrected Finding Aid. As mentioned in that earlier blog post I also noted where each Volume began on each Microfilm.

I have the first set ready for genealogists to use to more easily find the set of records they are interested in. Here is the detailed listing for Microfilm H1133 Volumes 1-6. You can access this online film by using the link provided.

As an aside, I contacted on August 30 about the errors, offering them my corrected Finding Aid. I've had no response to my email so apparently they are not interested in correcting a serious error on their site.

Whoever manages their Twitter account tweeted me when they saw my blog post saying "someone" would be contacting me to discuss the problem. But that has not happened. So I will continue correcting their errors on their site and publishing the correct details and Finding Aids here on Olive Tree Genealogy blog and on my Olive Tree Genealogy website.

Heir & Devisee Commission Films

H 1133 (V 1-6)
Image 14 V 1 Index to Location Certificates pre 1804
Image 15 A;   Image 16 B;   Image 18 C;   Image 20 D;   Image 21 D, E;   Image 22 F;   Image 23 F, G;   Image 24 G, H;   Image 25 H;   Image 26 J;   Image 27 K;   Image 28 L;   Image 29 L, M;   Image 30 M;   Image 32 N;   Image 33 O;   Image 34 P;   Image 35 P, Q;   Image 36 R;   Image 38 S;   Image 41 T;   Image 42 U;   Image 43 V;   Image 44 W;   Image 46 Y;   Image 47 Z
Image 51 V 2  Eastern District Commissioner Reports 1803-1804
Image 162 V 3 Eastern District Commissioner Reports no dates
Image 191 V 4 Eastern District Commissioner Reports 1797-1802
Image 192-199 Partial index
Image 344 V 5 Eastern District unresolved or disallowed claims 1809-1841
Image 335-336 List of Names of claimants
Image 513 V 6 Eastern District Location Certificates A-F
Image 514 “A” 1785-1797; Image 539 “B” 1785-1803

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A lot of work! Good job! Thanks