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June 13, 2014

Lost Faces Photo Album - Is one your ancestor?

Lost Faces Photo Album - Is one your ancestor?
This is another album in my collection of Civil War era photo albums. It appears to be mostly of the Chidester family and most of the photos are mid to late 1860s

Below is the list of names which were written on the album pages in period handwriting.

Most of the photos are CDVs (Cartes de Visite) but there are several early tintypes.

As I scan these photos front and back I will be putting them online on Lost Faces on my Olive Tree Genealogy website. They will join 63 other antique photo albums I have there.

Lost Faces Photo Album - Is one your ancestor?

  1. blank
  2. Uncle McKay and Aunt Lib
  3. Grandma Chedister
  4. Uncle Leander Chedister
  5. Sadoc? Chidester
  6. Aunt Jennie Pittenger
  7. Uncle Frank Chidester
  8. Uncle Grant Chidester
  9. Uncle Earna Chidester
  10. Lat? McKay
  11. Unlce Vint and Aunt Huldah Deyo
  12. blank
  13. Uncle Elliot Chidester
  14. Vinnie Larua Chidester Uncle Floyd
  15. blank
  16. Uncle Smith Thorp
  17. Aunt Mandy Tharp
  18. Fanny and Harvey Tharp
  19. Uncle Grant
  20. Aunt Almira Law
  21. x Daughter Clara
  22. Uncle Adam Law
  23. blank
  24. blank
  25. Violet and Chas Strong
  26. blank
  27. Illinois Soldiers Indiana 1861
  28. Cousin Leander Chidester
  29. Lille Wiley McFadden
  30. Hettie Pittenger (right) Daisy and Aunt Deyo
  31. Daisy Perrin
  32. Grandma Deyo
  33. Frank Deyo
  34. Alvira and Deyo
  35. blank
  36. Sadie McKay Duncan
  37. May McKay Perry
  38. Cousin Lurns grandchildren
  39. blank
  40. Uncle and Aunt Bissh who Pa staid [sic] with after he was 12 
Lost Faces Photo Album - Is one your ancestor?


herzogm said...

A Zadock Chidester married Susanna Tharp in West Virginia in 1840. He died in Monroe County, Iowa in 1897. They had sons Leader, Elliott, Franklin, and Grant. I'm not related, just found these in an Ancestry Tree.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thanks herzogm! That sounds like the family