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June 29, 2014

Sharing Memories Week 26: Prom Night, Fun or Disaster?

Sharing Memories Week 26: Prom Night, Fun or Disaster?
Me at my sister's wedding
a year before Prom
Did I wear this dress??
Join us for Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey We focus on memories of our parents, grandparents and others. We write for our children and grandchildren, that the memories are not lost over time. I hope you are keeping a journal, whether it is private or public, and joining us as we write our memoirs.

The prompt for this week is Prom Night. Did you have a Prom at your High School? What was it like, what did you wear, who did you go with.... Tell us about your most memorable moment. 

We had a prom at my High School but I was between boyfriends and had no one to go with. So my brother-in-law took me! It was so much fun for a few different reasons. First, no one knew my brother-in-law and my classmates were so impressed that I was with this older guy from the big city. Second, he loved to dance and I don't think we sat down once. I wish I could remember what I wore but I've no idea. We didn't have much money so I can't imagine being able to buy a new dress. I wonder if I wore this mauve dress that I wore to my sister's wedding the year before?

I'd been to a prom before with my real city boyfriend before I was 16. He was older than me and I was only 15 when he graduated from Grade 12. That was intimidating actually because it was in "the city" at a huge High School. For any Torontonians reading this, it was at Earl Haig. There was a theme and the gym was beautifully decorated. Our small town school didn't have the resources to decorate like the city one did. I don't know if what I wore wasn't of great concern or interest to me but again I do not recall what I wore to that prom either. 

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