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June 20, 2014

The Power of DNA - Dustbin Baby Finds Father

The Power of DNA - Dustbin Baby Finds Father
Screen Shot from Daily Mirror
45 years ago an abandoned newborn baby was found in a duffel bag beside garbage cans near an apartment complex in England. It was a cold November day. When the child was discovered, shivering and blue from cold, she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Newspapers dubbed her "The Dustbin Baby" and she was adopted by a Police Officer and his wife. Given the name Michelle Rooney, when she grew up she became determined to track down her birth mother and find out why she was abandoned.

Through DNA testing, Michelle linked to a match - a first cousin. After contacting her new-found relative, Michelle found the man who was almost certainly her biological father. He agreed to take a DNA test and the match was confirmed. Michelle and her father, who had known nothing of her birth, met and are now in constant touch.

But Michelle still wants to find her birth mother. If you can help please email in strict confidence to

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