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June 26, 2014

Update on Ancestry Websites After the DDOS Attacks

Update on Ancestry Websites After the DDOS Attacks

Here is the latest update from about the outages caused by the DDOS Attack last week. Contrary to what Conspiracy Theorists were posting on various Social Media sites, Rootsweb has *not* been taken down, and it is now functional. 

I'm waiting to see if some of the more vocal conspiracy theorists will admit on those same forums that they were wrong...... 

Kudos to Ancestry staff for trying to reassure users throughout this mess. And of course congrats to those users who kept their cool while waiting for sites to be restored! Personally I'm pretty happy to see my Olive Tree Genealogy Extras website back online.

UPDATE: June 24, 8:00pm MT:

- Family Tree Maker (FTM) sync is working again for PC and Mac. If you are still experiencing difficulties syncing FTM Mac, make sure you have the most current patch, shut FTM down completely (Command + Q), and reboot your machine to make sure that the DNS cache gets updated.

- DNA downloads of raw data have been restored.

- Access to RootsWeb has been restored, however there are lingering issues with logging in, and with access and searching WorldConnect. We are working to restore this access tonight, but you may see some intermittent outages in the process.

UPDATE: June 24, 12:30pm MT:
- The connectivity issues for Family Tree Maker Mac version have been Service to RootsWeb, and has been restored. (Note: While RootsWeb is up, we are aware of some issues with the WorldConnect database and are looking into this.)

- GEDCOM files from Ancestry Member Trees are now available for download

Our team continues to work on MyCanvas, Mundia and the Y-DNA and mtDNA websites as well as the search and sync connectivity issues for the Mac version of Family Tree Maker. We will provide an update as they are made available. 

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